At Science Fair Fun, our team is passionately dedicated to revolutionizing the Science Fair experience for kiddos and their grownups. We envision a day when every child:

  • Gets to experience what it is like to be a scientist or engineer, particularly minorities, girls and those from low-income communities, so they can know “Hey, I can do it!”,
  • Has the option to enter the current, highly-lucrative Science & Engineering Fair system through which they have internships, job opportunities and over $5M annually available to them, and
  • Develops problem-solving, creativity, communication and teamwork skills that they can apply to any innovative path that they choose.


We need to give every child the opportunity to have a positive, skills-based Science & Engineering Fair experience so they can believe in themselves and know “Hey, I can do it!”.

We do this better than anyone.

Our materials are easy to use.

Our method is effective.

Our process is impactful.

Now is the time to make it happen. With your gift, we can elevate the standard of K-12 STEM education for all children while raising the bar across the country.